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With the advent of the Internet, we’re in the midst of the greatest explosion of innovation the world has ever seen. Rivaled only by the invention of the printing press and television, the Internet is having a profound impact on how people communicate with each other.

Our potential to establish human connection, brand trust, and passionate advocacy has never been greater.

We find ourselves in a golden age of brands, constantly discovering new ways to leverage our innovative tools. As we look forward and prepare for another five billion people to become connected, our ability to inspire people to believe in our brands is virtually boundless.

Building great brands takes incredible skill.

At Google we are inspired by the power of brands, and therefore we are curious students of the craft.

At the same time, we are restless disruptors working to find better ways to build brands that people love.

In an effort to celebrate the language of brand building and to demonstrate all of the innovation that is happening, we share with you The Dictionary of Brand: The BrandLab Edition. We hope to create a common bond among all of us who work every day to earn consumer trust and love.

We at Google want to help your brand to get the most out of the web. We believe a shared language will inspire all of us to achieve great things together during this incredible age of brand building.

Source: The Dictionary of Brand, Marty Neumeier

ISBN # 978-0-9896538-0-0

First edition published in August 2004 by AIGA

Printed and bound in the USA by Almaden Press

Dictionary of Brand

Lucas Watson is Vice President of Global Brand

Solutions at Google and had a long career as a brand. builder at Procter & Gamble. His passion is helping companies build dynamic, successful brands.