Marketing and Branding in Higher Education Institute Book Launches on Amazon

Marketing and Branding in Higher Education Institute Book Launches on Amazon

Marketing and Branding in Higher Education Institute | Seyed Mohammad Mohajer


Dr. Seyed Mohammad Mohajer, author of this book (Marketing and Branding in Higher Education Institute), for the first time, on the subject of SEM (Student Experience Management) and TEM (Teacher Experience Management), Expresses and writes:

In today’s competitive world in which men are looking for acquiring a better place for themselves and their properties, indeed it can be said that people who compete on a full scale in marketing and branding by learning knowledge and experience, are more successful. Apart from people, countries, cities, businesses, historical and religious sites, companies, products, services, and even government agencies are endeavoring and competing to possess a better place and more profitability.

In the meantime, universities, higher education institutions, and specialized schools such as Business Schools, Language Schools, Art Schools, etc are not exceptions. Contest in the digital and traditional area, simultaneously, and with a proper strategy and developing systematic advertising campaigns can make a university or higher education institutions a brand. Since the branding process, as its name implies, has a -ing (continuous), the process must be continual and running continuously. One of the most significant tools in higher education institutions branding is CEM (Client Experience Management) which includes SEM (Student Experience Management) and TEM (Teacher Experience Management).

Valuing the main audiences, which are students and professors, and creating a distinctive and excellent experience in the educational environment either in a digital or in a traditional area, can lead to receive excellent feedback from these audiences and direct them to the brand layers that are Awareness, Knowledge, Attitude, Engagement, Satisfaction, Loyalty and the highest level that is Passion, which the same matter make the sense of constancy and belonging and conversion Trademark (Servicemark) a higher education institution to a Lovemark.

But how this distinctive experience and feeling can be infused with the audiences?

Undoubtedly, many solutions are recommended in this field, such as the use of sensory branding methods, but the important point here is who can create and improve this experience?

Certainly, the University Staff has a key and very effective role in the mentioned process.

However, the significant point is which employees can make this experience?

The answer is very simple but key:

Employees who first receive a good sense of working in a scientific and educational environment. Therefore, we are facing a phenomenon called SEM (Staff Experience Management), that is, university administrators and heads, before engaging in Client Experience Management, should seek to create a sense of satisfaction, belonging, and loyalty in the educational environment and grow their educational brand set, which its tools are certainly Employer Branding and Human Capital Management.

By mentioning all the foregoing keywords, each of which is a deep concept in BRAND Building and Branding of higher education institutions discussion, we begin our main discussion, namely marketing and branding in higher education institutions.

I hope you will be with us by the end of the book and experience a different studying the book, dear reader.

Dr. Mohajer writes in his introduction:

Be the best version of yourself

Seyed Mohammad Mohajer 

I daresay all brand and branding concepts and definitions can be observed in the above sentence.

whereof the brand, like a human, experiences all the before birth, birth, growth, maturity, wane and death processes, and since a real human being is always looking for growth and ascendancy, and this continuous process to reach the endpoint Life, thus the grown man is always looking to reach a higher point of his present and past. The most important tool in a human ascendancy or a brand is certainly an education.

Either for a human or a brand, becoming a distinct brand goes through practical training.

The above sentences are a summary of my little experience as Seyed Mohammad Mohajer in education and especially training in the brand management field.

Certainly, the brand and education and the combination of these two words are the main and vital tools for the development of any country and human being.

Now that I am the President of Tarjoman Oloom Higher Education Institute and the BrandAfarin international group, I consider it necessary as my social mission to start first from myself and with a better understanding of myself, then the great God and comprehending the universe; I announce to the cultured society that we seek to identify brilliant talents in the three areas of education, research and management consulting, and we warmly welcome intellectuals, professionals and individuals seeking individual and organizational growth.

Also, by creating skill training courses in four specialized fields of management in the Business School, foreign languages ​​in the Language School of Art and Media in the Art School, and new technologies in the i4.0 School for people who can not afford to pay for the training tuition, We have created the chance to study at Tarjoman Oloom Higher Education Institute for free and then go to the business market.

It would be my honor to contact me for more information and direct communication through my website and my email info(at)

Book Details:

·       ISBN-13 : ۹۷۹-۸۵۷۴۹۶۳۸۴۵

·       Paperback : ۲۷۲ pages

·       Language: : English

·       ASIN : B08PJPQSK9

·       Paperback : ۲۷۲ pages

·       Author: Seyed Mohammad Mohajer, PhD. (President of Tarjoman Oloom Higher Education Institute)


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Marketing and Branding in Higher Education Institute Book Launches on Amazon

Marketing and Branding in Higher Education Institute Book Launches on Amazon